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"The Fantastic 4" - Matt's Friends Group from Work

So where do we start with the Fantastic Four, the name Matt gave to us as a group of close friends with our own individual personalities.

Over our 10 years as the FF, we continued to meet whenever possible (usually every month) for meals, drinking sessions or great days out, such as Liverpool, Chester, Black Country Museum, Cheltenham... to name but a few. Whether it was for the races, or a bit of culture, to dip our toes in the sea or just a get together.

Although Matt was always the instigator of 'the lets meet up text' he was always the one who was the most difficult to tie down for times and dates, of course he was the only one with a busy schedule lol!

Matt could always be relied upon to find bargains/ money off vouchers for our trips. Although we were supposed to take it in turns to choose the next outing, looking back it always seemed that Matt indirectly influenced our decisions! Even though we all had different personalities and lives, we all gelled , with no arguments, apart from Kish and Snelly lol!!

We all looked out for each other and we all had an opinion on each others lives. We had lots of laughs along the way and so the Fantastic Four was born, but sadly this is where this chapter ends. But we will always be the Fantastic Four, because it holds such a special place in our hearts, we had fantastic time, made fantastic memories with a fantastic bloke.

Goodnight God bless Matt, we'll MISS YOU.

Here's to and always the Fantastic Four, lots of love Jill, Kish and Snelly Xxx


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