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Nigel Tame - Lived next door to him for the first 20 or so years of his life.

We have a key on top of the electricity meter just inside our front door. It's "Matthew's key". As soon as he was old enough to go out with his own key he developed the habit of forgetting his key, so his family left a key with us. Several times every week there'd be a ring on the door bell and there would be standing a very sheepish Matthew. He was always supposed to post the key straight back, but forgot to do that sometimes, so it got rather complicated.


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Officially I was Matt's Line Manager, unofficially we were coffee mates. I first heard of Matt's name several years ago when I was a newly promoted Team Leader and was sat in a crammed meeting room at

I began working with Matt in 2001 and because he was such a great guy we became friends straight away. Working with him for all of those years I was lucky enough to share with him his happiest moment

I worked with Matt for a number of years and made a very good friend. He was always so calm laid back and friendly. I used to call him the Scarlett Pimpernel as he was always disappearing to which he

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