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Snelly Patel - Matt's Friend from Work

This is my eulogy I prepared for Matt's funeral:

Like me this will be short! As Matt would remind me every time he stood next to me and then say “God Snelly you are short!”

My first sighting of Matt was looking and thinking whose that good looking guy - because trust me there's not many of those in the DWP!

I have very fond memories of my dear friend Matt, many of them involving alcohol!

We used to go out a lot from work and I remember he thought he could dance until I showed him my moves...

Although I've known Matt as a work colleague for 17 Years it’s the last 10 Years we became very good friends and formed a special friendship along with Jill n Kish (The fantastic four).

We started to go out regularly for drinks, meals, day trips, the horses and so on. In fact he mentioned about going to Cheltenham this year.

For some reason Matt always frustrated me due to his decision making, think he liked doing this on purpose to wind me up – you could never tie him down for a time and date whenever we tried to organise days out.

He was a loving and caring man and if you ever had a rubbish day then one of Matts hug would make it better!

Matt really changed over the last 5 years he matured so quickly and soon became a loving and doting father to his gorgeous son Ollie whilst already been a father figure to both Kaisha n Bailey too. He took great pride in all three of the children!

RIP my dear friend I will miss you sooooooo much

God bless, love always Snelly Xxx


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