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Pam Reynolds - Matt's Friend from Work

Matt was the Sunshine in the place... The Smiler.. The one who was always there giving a helping hand no matter how big or small the problem was... The one who enjoyed and loved life full of fun and laughter.. The crazy jokes and his one liners he would come up with would just crack you up... The crazy dances where some of those moves come from, only God knows... He livened up any place any situation it was like he knew how anyone felt... I would describe Matt as PURE LOVE...


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Amie Clinton - Matt's Work Colleague

Officially I was Matt's Line Manager, unofficially we were coffee mates. I first heard of Matt's name several years ago when I was a newly promoted Team Leader and was sat in a crammed meeting room at

Chris Sheppard - Matt's friend from work

I began working with Matt in 2001 and because he was such a great guy we became friends straight away. Working with him for all of those years I was lucky enough to share with him his happiest moment


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