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Andrew Mason - Matt's School Friend

I first met Matt many many years ago as football rivals, 8 or so years old and playing for opposite Cub Scout football teams I think I can remember Matt played for 33rd Walsall based at the Killock on longWood Lane and I was playing for 9th Aldridge, our competitive rivalry carried on until the age of 11 when we both attended Aldridge school and immediately recognised each other, the rivalry was dropped and we became peers and school friends sharing several lessons throughout our school lives together. After we left school we both went our separate ways but occasionally bumped into each other on nights out, we'd have a quick chat and catch up and then both wonder off into the evening. I have not seen Matt for several years now as I moved away but I will always remember him. RIP Matt thanks for been part of my memories.


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Amie Clinton - Matt's Work Colleague

Officially I was Matt's Line Manager, unofficially we were coffee mates. I first heard of Matt's name several years ago when I was a newly promoted Team Leader and was sat in a crammed meeting room at

Chris Sheppard - Matt's friend from work

I began working with Matt in 2001 and because he was such a great guy we became friends straight away. Working with him for all of those years I was lucky enough to share with him his happiest moment


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