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Sarah Perry - Friend of the family

Earliest memory of Matt. We went to Devon together As two families. The Russell's showed up super late! They had the attic room upstairs. I remember coming up and Matt was lying in Anna's cot in just his boxer shorts! I remember them, they were white with pink pigs on them, I quite fancied him after that.


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Amie Clinton - Matt's Work Colleague

Officially I was Matt's Line Manager, unofficially we were coffee mates. I first heard of Matt's name several years ago when I was a newly promoted Team Leader and was sat in a crammed meeting room at

Chris Sheppard - Matt's friend from work

I began working with Matt in 2001 and because he was such a great guy we became friends straight away. Working with him for all of those years I was lucky enough to share with him his happiest moment


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