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Jon Calcutt - Matt's Brother

Cyberia: In the mid 90’s when I was around 12 or 13 I was given a computer games magazine with a free demo. The game was called Cyberia. It quickly became a game me and Matt both like to play but I could never get passed level three. Matt could and seemed to do it with great ease. Years later I found out that all that needed to be done to pass the level was to press the space bar at a critical moment. He knew this and had known it all along. He never told me. Thanks Matt :-)


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Oliver Brookes Calcutt - He is my daddy

Daddy cooked the sausages then he took them out of the oven. He put some bread in the toaster then when it popped up he put the sausages only one at a time in the toast and he gave them to Kaisha, Bay


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