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Jill Wilkinson - Matt's Friend from Work

This is my Eulogy I prepared for Matts Funeral:

I really don’t know where to begin, I first met Matt 17yrs ago , when he was 23 I would say I’ve seen him grow from boy to man, but he never seemed to look any older, despite being his boss on a number of occasions through out our work lives we became very close friends, sharing good times and supporting each other through the bad.

As his work mom I was very protective of him especially when it came to girls !!! I love to organise xmas concerts at work and I’m sure those of you that know me well are expecting me to burst into song, I know this is a celebration of Matts life, so don’t worry mate it’s not going to happen, one year I managed to convince Matt to join in the full monty sketch I’d organised on the team, even though it didn’t involve the removal of clothing I think it scarred him for life because he never volunteered for anything again!!!

We used to joke about how talented all his family were, that’s one gene he must have missed out on, especially if you saw his dance moves. My mate Matt was one of the most gentle, caring people I know, he was a loyal and trusted friend, just having a Matt hug made everything ok, but he could be so exasperating as he was so laid back at times.

He liked to think he was ‘quite trendy’ but his crumpled shirts often with shirt tails hanging out and hair gel not quite blended in – told a different story. I remember getting him a shirt for his birthday which he wore proudly the next day, complete with original creases. He always managed to arrive at work by the seat of his pants, usually 2 minutes before 9, quickly followed by a request to move his car, followed by Matt saying “I’m sure I’m on the car park rota today “

His sense of direction or maybe was it his listening skills which got him lost, I don’t know! I remember when I got married, he never appeared because he’d gone to the wrong venue, then had the cheek to tell me off for not answering my phone…. come on Matt it was my wedding day !!! Or the day Kish, Matt, Snelly and myself decided to go to Ryhll, Matt was navigating, we got lost in the very misty welsh mountains but eventually had a lovely day in Llandudno!

So that brings me on to the fantastic four (please read the separate tribute from fantastic 4).

Good night god bless Matt, from you’re broken hearted friend, I’m gonna miss you so much,


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