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Estee Griffin - Matt's Friend from Work

Matt and I started the department within days of each other. We completed all our Employment Service Training together. Often laughing through the role plays.

Over the years we have worked together whether in offices or with projects most recently people engagement. This was perfect for Matt he was such a people person always ready to help, offer support or have a good laugh. You never heard a bad word about Matt he was one of us and will always be.

We traveled back together on the 27th Sept 2017 from the latest engagement meeting we laughed hard at what we had become after nearly 18 years as civil servants and parents. Matt's parting words that day were "I'm grabbing a sarnie see you in a month for more fun" I'm so sorry that month will never come but I am thankful for the memories I have. Matt spoke dearly about Oliver that day stating he was the very best boy.

Oliver, you may not remember your dad but he too was one of the best and we will miss him forever.


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